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Hunter & Michaels' Interviews
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Hunter and Michaels

Hunter and Michaels with Grave Digger's Dennis Anderson and his son Weston "Teeny" Anderson.

The 10 Commandments of Rock

1- Thou Shalt Not Preach
     Yes just like you, we’re concerned with Global Warming, Free Speech and the Third World. But we paid to hear you sing and play!

2- Thou Shalt Play The Hits
      If you're a band that has 20 or more charted songs, we want to hear 10 hits before you play some new song we don't know, or that deep track from the album that no one bought that you love so damn much!

3- Thine Opening Act Shall Relate
     If you're going to have an opening act, find one that plays the same style of music as you do. George Harrison could get away with Ravi Shankar, you can't. Nor can you give us some half assed hip hop bands...we came to rock!

4- Thou Shall Know What City You're In
     Enough Said!

5- Thou Shalt Own A Timekeeping Device
     Our tickets say 8 o'clock show. That means at 8:01 we want someone to be playing music LIVE on stage. Use this same timekeeping device for set changes and encores. Don't go take a shower and have a sandwich while we're all out here clapping.

6- Thou Shalt Play The Original Version (The Layla Commandment)
     We came to hear the kick ass version you originally recorded, not some mamby pamby slow version. So unless you promoted this as an all acoustic show, if it rocked the first better rock tonight!

7- Thou Shalt Not Play Medleys
     Hey, make a decision. Play the old stuff or don't play the old stuff. Don't put 5 of your first singles in a half assed 5 minute medley and think you did your job.

8 - Thou Shalt Replace Correctly
     We understand this is Rock and Roll. It's a rough life. People die young or they check themselves into Betty Ford and never check out. We get it. But, if you get a new singer, try to make the effort that he should at least kinda sorta fit the band.

9- Thou Shalt Sing And Not The Audience 
     We didn’t pay $200 for a pair of tickets just to hear 20,000 drunken people try to remember words from 30 years ago!
It's your sing into it!

10- One Man Doth Not Make A Band.
      Even if you are an original member. If the band originally had 5 members and now you're the only one touring YOU'RE NOT THE BAND!

Hunter & Michaels talk with NHRA's Eddie Krawiec

Hunter & Michaels talk with NHRA's Brandon Bernstein

Hunter & Michaels talk with NHRA's  Larry Dixon

Hunter & Michaels with comedian Alex Ortiz


Interview with drummer and original member of The Guess Who, Garry Peterson

Hunter & Michaels interview Don Brewer of Grand Funk Railroad- AFTER THE CONCERT


Hunter & Michaels interview Don Brewer of Grand Funk Railroad

Hunter & Michaels interview Keith Elliot Greenburg, author of "December 8, 1980:  The Day John Lennon Died."


Hairy NASCAR Fan


Monday - Friday
5 AM - 10 AM

Barry Michaels is a 30 year morning radio personality having performed in such diverse cities as Houston, Miami, Orlando, Baltimore, Dallas and Phoenix.
Barry is happily married to Sandy and the father of four sons. (And the question bears asking here-when did he have time for that?)

Getting to know Barry Michaels:  (Which phrase is NOT TRUE?)
a.)  He flew with the Blue Angels
b.)  He has six toes
c.)  He was once suspended from radio for saying he was a "thespian." 

Email Barry:


Hunter was born and raised in Canton, Ohio- making her a HUGE NFL FAN (and a closet Browns fan). She knew she wanted to be in radio at a very young age.

Hunter chose a college in Virginia Beach for her education because the brochure showed students walking on the beach!

She lucked into radio after graduation and an internship. And the rest as they say, isclassic rock history. She just celebrated 10 years doing mornings on Wind-FM.   In her spare time, she volunteers at the Food 4 Kids Backpack Program at Interfaith Emergency Services.

Hunter resides with her husband Steve in a home that’s completely under the control of their 6 pound (yes, six lbs.) dog named Spike.