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Briton Jon

Monday - Friday  10am - 3pm

Briton Jon was born in a manger during the last century with his mother in attendance and a few odd farm animals.

Briton became interested in the new, at that time, medium of radio because most everyone called him a lazy good for ‘nuthin’.

After pleading and begging, Briton finally began his career at a candle powered radio station where he spoke primarily to cows.

From there, Briton was able to claw himself into some regional markets where the pay was only slightly better but he could date the boss’s wife. Her name? Misty. Hence the song-‘Play Misty For Me’. And like a fine Stradivarius, he did just that. Night after night after night.
But alas, the fun and games ended when Briton reached the ‘big time’ where the air personalities actually wore clothing while on air.

In short, Briton continues to enjoy his career. And if he had to sum up radio in one sentence it would be:   “Everything you’ve heard about radio jocks is true.

Favorite WIND-FM moment?

Playing Queensryche's "Jet City Woman"

First rock concert?
Pat Benatar and Krokus 1980 O'Connell Center.

Your best rock and roll moment?

Spent the Weekend with Great White in Daytona 1989...woke up next to a stripper.
Spent a weekend partying with Def Leppard at the Don CeSar in St. Pete 1988...woke up next to a stripper.
Traveled the State of Florida with Warrant on there Tour Bus 1989...woke up to two strippers!

First rock vinyl? 8 for a penny from Columbia House

First rock 8-track? Aldo Nova

First rock Cassette? Motley Crue Shout at the Devil

First rock CD? Ozzy Osbourne Ultimate Sin